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Boiler Repair Services

Boiler Repairs/Breakdowns:

Our boiler technicians work on all models and makes of boilers to fault find, repair, replace parts and carry out annual services. We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to source parts as quickly for you so you can get your heating fixed efficiently and speedily. We work hard to extend the life expectancy of your current boilers. We cannot quote to repair boilers as more faults may not be found until one part has been replaced. You can be charged up to 1 hour's labour for the collection and carriage of parts.

Boiler Servicing:

Regular maintenance of your boiler prolongs its life, saves on your gas bill and in the long run saves you money. What do we cover in our annual service?

  • All main parts are cleaned to prevent carbon monoxide incidents and improve gas efficiency.
  • We check for leaks and corrosion on radiator valves and exposed pipe work.
  • We check your boiler controls and components.
  • We check your gas meter and exposed gas pipe work, this includes a soundness test.
  • We check your flue for safety and efficiency.

All good boiler manufactures stipulate that your boiler should be serviced regularly in accordance with their guidelines.

For most boiler services you should allow a maximum of one hour. For your safety and peace of mind on old or open vented boilers we will offer to fit you a carbon monoxide detector.

Diagram of common boiler components