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Boiler Efficiency

The Government is committed to improving energy efficiency to meet national and global energy saving targets.

The domestic sector is responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and produces 25% of the carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. In turn, domestic heating and hot water account for 85% of this consumption and 50% of the C02 emissions.

Proposals in a Government Energy White paper to make the heating industry more energy efficient, included radical plans to outlaw non-condensing boilers by 2005.

The main driver in the White Paper is changes to the Building Regulations so that by 2005 all replacement and new boilers installed will have to have an energy efficiency rating of A or B, in accordance with SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK).

SEDBUK efficiency bands range from A-G with Band A having an efficiency of over 90% and band G falling below 70%.

Boiler Efficiency Banding
A Above 90%
B 86% - 90%
C 82% - 86%
D 78% - 82%
E 74% - 78%
F 70% - 74%
G Below 70%

In an emergency: If you smell gas or think there might be a gas leak: turn off the gas at the meter, extinguish naked flames, open windows and leave the area. Seek medical advice if you feel unwell. Call the Gas Emergency Freephone Number 0800 111 999.