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Unvented Systems

A photo of an unvented systems boiler

Unvented Cylinders Benefits

Unvented cylinders, as the name suggests are not vented by an external body, but rather use a pressurised system to move the domestic hot water. Unvented cylinders therefore use the water mains pressure ensuring sufficient pressure of hot water even in higher floors and without the need for a header tank in the loft.

Benefits of Unvented Cylinders:

  • Higher hot water flow rates – unvented cylinders offer higher pressure for the shower, bath, kitchen etc.
  • Freeing up space in the loft – unvented cylinder removed the need for header/feeder tank
  • Flexible installation location – unvented cylinder can be installed anywhere in the house, for example in the garage (freeing up space in the airing cupboard)
  • Quieter mains pressure system – as unvented does not require external feeder tanks, there is no noisy cistern in the loft
  • No frozen pipes in the loft – unvented cylinders mean there are no tanks or pipes exposed to freezing temperatures in the loft.
  • Unvented tanks are simple to install
  • Unvented cylinders are engineered to have a long lifetime, which ensures good value for money